Jaagar Ha Janivancha; Tumchya Majhya Lekicha

A Public awareness campaign

We are all aware that the decline of the girl child in India is a problem of deep rooted societal discrimination against women and girls. Through feticide, infanticide and intentional neglect of girls, the women of India are fast disappearing. The issue is even more critical in Maharashtra where in the year 1961, we had 936 girls per thousand boys and from there on it has declined steadily and today stands at 925 girls per thousand boys, while at the national level the ratio is 940 girls per 1000 boys. It is a matter of great shame that even today when India is advancing and moving ahead in every sphere of life, the bias against girl child is still prevailing leading to their declining ratio. The ‘Jagar Ha Janivancha’ program is aimed at creating an awareness of the rights of the girl child and highlighting the positive contribution of women not only in the family but in the society as a whole.

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Supriya Sule is greeted by women at the start of her padhyatra (walkathon) from Naigaon in Satara district, on August 25, 2011. Nearly 500 girls and 200 boys joined the NCP MP Supriya Sule in the four-day long 70 km-long walk to Pune as part of her campaign Jagar Ha Janivanca, Tumchya Maza Lekincha to highlight the menace of female infanticide in Maharashtra. Naigaon is the birthplace of Savitribai Phule, who was the pioneer of women’s education.