Nationalist Yuvati Congress

“The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world; for creating a Shivaji, there has to be a Jijabai”

Indeed, in every field ranging from sports, armed forces and science and technology, women are surging ahead, competing shoulder-to-shoulder with their male counterparts and even excelling in several cases. And yet, the situation in the political arena is a very different with reluctance of women to join politics. Despite several initiatives by the Government to correct this – this too in a country where the President, the head of the largest party in the Lok Sabha and 3 State Chief Ministers are women and the youngest minister!

The State of Maharashtra, however, has tried to be an exception to this general state of affairs across India – it was the first state to announce a comprehensive policy for women in 1994 during the tenure of the then Chief Minister, Hon. Sharad Pawar. He has also played a significant role in the decision of the Maharashtra Government in announcing 50% reservation for women in local self-government institutions a few months back. Due to this revolutionary move, over 1.5 lac seats have opened up for women across the State at the panchayat raj level. Sadly, the current political scenario and context does not support the identification, nurturing & development of distinctive women leaders required for filling these positions and serving the cause of the people. As a result, a vast majority of the women who occupy these seats have “won” them are merely the proxy puppets in the hands of the male political leaders with whom they are related. The implication of this is the mismanagement, poor governance and in some cases, a complete neglect of the constituencies, which is nothing less than a crime against the nation.

Hence, the NCP has taken a major step by establishing Rashtrawadi Yuvati Congress (RYC) under the able leadership of Hon. Supriya Sule, a front for creating the next-generation of ‘holistic and capable’ women leaders that will lead Maharashtra initially and India eventually. The Yuvati Congress was formally launched on 10th June 2012, the foundation day of the NCP.

The basic intent for launching Yuvati Congress was three-fold:

– Providing girls with a platform to develop themselves as responsible leaders through a series of targeted programmes (incl. field work, focused leadership opportunities, network-building events, opportunities to participate and influence policy-making etc)

– Harnessing the highly potent youth energy and channelizing it for national development through active participation in the social and political arena – on the social side, the Yuvati Congress will lead various result-oriented programmes on topics such as eradication of superstitions, environmental protection programs, pre-marriage counseling etc. On the political side, the members will be groomed for future leadership positions across various Governmental bodies

– Improving the political and social understanding of girls – making them aware of the context and challenges of the environment we live in

After the establishment of Rashtrawadi Yuvati Congress 50 melavas for young girls were held across Maharashtra under the able leadership Hon. Supriya Sule. NCP reached over 2 lakhs girls across the state through these melavas. We came across various issues of these girls. All NCP ministers answered the questions raised by these girls and most of the ministers have taken steps to solve these problems as well. The direction of work of RYC was originated in these melavas.

Various office-bearers of RYC were declared in month of September and October 2013. The RYC leaders are conducting

various programs which will benefit the young women and a society as well. These programs include campaign against female foeticide, campaign against domestic violence, pre-marriage counselling, construction of toilets for women etc. To develop leadership skills amongst all office bearers training camps are being organized at district levels on a regular basis.

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