Road safety, road accident, injury prevention and control.

Objective - To create Accident free state and Reducing the rate of road accident and deaths caused due to it
In India the Roads connecting across the states is around length
33, 20, 410 kms.
Express way200kms2.25% of total road length
National highways70,548 kms
State highways1,31,899 kms
Major Dist Roads4,67,763 kms97.75% of total Road length
Rural & other Roads26,50,000 kms

Details of fatalities on Roads Study shows :
National Highway 35% + State highway Major Dist Rds 32% + other Roads33%

Rate of fatalities per 100 kms.
National2% length305 persons.
State highway7% length120 persons.

During the last 50 years, the country’s vehicle population increased/decreased by 111 times, while passenger and goods transport increased by 125 However, the road length increased only by a time. Due to overall accidents in the country, there are around one lakh thirty eight thousand deaths due to road accidents and four lakh ninety five thousand handicap cases.

Experts highlight that there is at least one accident with serious injuries every minute as well as one death at every five minutes.

The death ratio for road accident among the age group of 18 to 50 yrs is 36%, thereby losing 66% of the productive age group – bread eating group.


Sr. No.CountryFatality Index %
5South Africa7.21

India among the high fatality indices country in world in Road accidents and death due to Road accidents. As per reports the cost due to road Accidents in country is 75,000 crs which is equivalent to 3% GDP every year.

After evaluating the rate of road accidents in India, Maharashtra is one of the highest accident prone states.

The Maharashtra state boasts of 3.08 sq. km. area and is overloaded with a population which is more than 11.5 crores. The state has a 4500 km national highway, 34,000/- state highway with total length of 2.40 lakhs km.

National Highway – 4376 kms.
State Highway – 34102 kms.
District Highway – 49901 kms
Other district Highway – 43817 kms
Rural Roads – 1,04,844 kms

The death percentage by road accidents in India is 1.6 per 1000 vehicles and in Maharashtra it is 1.4 per 1000 vehicles. This is certainly a matter of concern of social safety.

The following factors were observed while analyzing the reasons for accidents:
a) Negligence of Driver – 83.00%
b) Due to pedestrians – 06.00%
c) Defective Roads – 04.60%
d) Technical defects of vehicles – 03.60%
e) Adverse Climatic Condition – 02.80%

A study reveals that road accidents in Maharashtra from 2000 to 2010 have been following an acute rise.

Out of the entire population, the population in metros and mega cities is only 6% but they contribute around 30% to road accidents. 75% of these accidents are due to human error, which can be avoided.

It has been observed that major accidents take place in the city range. This conclusion has been made after examining the data from January to November 2010.

The total no. of accidents was 62953, out of which 32426 were within the city range.