My Vision and Mission

My vision:

I envision an empowered, prosperous and sustainable society that provides equitable opportunities to all, irrespective of gender, caste, creed and class.

My mission:

My mission is to incessantly strive for the betterment of my fellow citizens, especially those from the socio-economically and politically disadvantaged sections of the society. As people’s representative, my mission is to lead Indian citizens to maximise and realise their full potentials so that India becomes a prosperous nation and world leader. I believe that together we can achieve this and more!

Core programmes to fulfil my vision and mission:


  • Agriculture & Irrigation:-Follow-up of major and small projects and watershed development
  • Drinking water- Providing adequate water through Purification plants and keeping water sources pure


  • Regular availability of seeds, fertilizers and modern equipments
  • Endeavour for Knowledge Based Agriculture and promotion for export
  • Ensure fare price for agriculture products
  • Agriculture aligned business, horticulture and animal husbandry

Basic Infrastructure

  • Quality rural roads; follow-up for Ring Road and Metro from Pune city.
  • Ensure regular and proper supply of electricity
  • Railway-new railways and new rail lines

Social Justice

  • Due share in fruits of development to deprived classes and justice


  • Quality, career guidance and advance courses.


  • Create employment opportunities through growth in industrial & service sector.


  • Ensure quality and timely health service for every person.

Women Empowerment

  • Safety, Self-Help Groups, involvement in social-political processes. Improved girl child birth rate

Senior Citizens & Disabled

  • Mainstreaming disabled and dignity for senior citizens


  • Transparency, time bound services. Telephone helpline in office for contact and follow-up