Yashaswini Samajik Abhiyan

Inspite of a vibrant political exposure Ms. Supriya Sule has always demonstrated conscious and responsible approach towards her social responsibilities. She believes that solutions to large global challenges often start with small actions at the local level. Whenever we see a need or a problem in our community, we can make a difference by standing up and taking action. Setting up of Yashaswini Samajik Abhiyan clearly confirms her urge to share in the social cause for the benefit of the community and the society as a whole.

The is always moved to take action — no matter the challenge or opportunity you choose to address — and has done much using all possible resources and involving more people. That is why she decided to start YASHASWINI a nongovernmental organization (NGO).

YASHASWINI has a powerful vision for change and a clearly defined mission, it is much more likely to be successful. Without vision, others will not be inspired to join your cause. Without a clear mission, YASHASWINI will lack focus and may pursue projects that have little connection to each other. This dilutes the organization’s impact. Establishing a shared vision and a clear mission statement is one of the most important things which Ms. Supriya Sule understands well so has well defined the objectives as founding leader of YASHASWINI and this has set the tone for all successful team work.

On setting a clear vision and mission, she has pragmatically decided as to how YASHASWINI will carry them out. It is good and brilliant to start small. Rather than trying to do everything at once, choose a few projects or activities and do them well. YASHASWINI initiated small but effective programs to make it more successful and beneficial. It gradually worked on projects both in terms of spread and scalability. Her professional skills are well demonstrated in the strategies planned and accomplished successfully.n members of these groups will be benefited. This is an historic achievement for the Yashaswini Abhiyan.

Start by identifying the existing resources — the people, skills, expertise, and relationships she ventures to explore larger projects and plan to take the YASHASWINI initiative for benefit of larger groups. This has given YASHASWINI slow but steady roadmap to succeed in goal achieving. It is not too far now that YASHASWINI will muster its presence globally and shall set a model for others. Launching YASHASWINI was a powerful way to turn her passion for an issue into lasting change for the community. It is a modest way to mobilize others to get involved and build something bigger than just one person. It is also a long journey and a lot of work. It may take many years and many different kinds of skills, resources, and relationships for YASHASWINI to build itself more effectively and professionally. She made a bold beginning with a committed team, and a clear vision and mission, and successfully carried out a small number of projects and activities that made a difference, she has made a strong foundation on which to grow.